III game in Niš “Under this sign you will win”

The International Police Association, Section Serbia, Nis Region for IPA members, employees of the MUP, friends … the day 13/14 / 15.10.2017.g. organizes III Low GAMES, entitled “under this sign thou shalt conquer”

Welcome friends, colleagues, members of the IPE, in the City of Constantine the Great. Constantine the Great was the ruler, military leader and great supporter of Christianity. made a historical document Edict of Milan which stopped the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire. Various conquerors left behind various versions of the city name: Roman Naissus, Byzantine Nysos, Slovenian Nis, Nis Turkish, German Nissa. At the time of the Ottoman Empire, in the eighteenth century was built Nis Fortress, which today is the most striking symbol of the city, is also one of the best preserved buildings of its kind in the Balkans.

Competition Program III Niska Games 2017

Day 1: Friday 13 October 2017

16,00h Eve competitors and foreign delegation, arriving a day earlier, hotel accommodation. 19,00h- dinner with music (restaurant Dušanov Konak) night.

Day 2: Saturday, 14. oktobar 2017

08:00 – 09: 00h – Breakfast (in rentals) 09:15 h – Opening of competition (Cair sports hall) 09:30 – 13: 00h – Competition Part 13: 00h -13.45 – lunch (restaurant Dušanov Konak) from 14.00 to 17.00 – Optional tour of the city. Back in units, vacation. 19,00- 02,00 – Gala dinner in the restaurant of the fortress. Announcement of the winners, awarding trophies and gratuities, Gala dinner for all participants and friends with a rich cultural program.

Day 3 Sunday, 15 October 2017 08-10h breakfast (in the accommodation units) 10,00- city tour, guests farewell

competitive discipline:

  1. Insert the basket triples (3 competitors) Competition rules insertion triplets are as follows: a competitor has marked five positions with one a basketball, which means that each athlete has five attempts and time of about 1 minute.The winner is the contestant who has the most infiltrated triplets.In the event that the competitors reach the same number of triples inserted, the winner is the contestant who has spent the least amount of time to perform.
  2. The tow ropes (5 competitor) – The game consists of the fact that each group, with the members lined up one behind the other one catching the rope in a given time starts to pull each facing you.The winning group is the one that manages to drag the rope to his side.More specifically, in the middle of the rope to mark the central point, which initially is set above the center point on the ground. On the rope is then, after four meters from a central point on a line, on each side of the mark by one point. When the game starts, the contestants begin to drag, the goal is opposing point lead to a central point on the ground.

3.Puzzle  (1 competitor) all pieces of the puzzle have to be folded exactly like the drawing on the right designated place. Only the exact positions of all parts gives a complete picture. You can not “push” part where it does not belong. The winner is the competitor who as soon as possible together a puzzle.


IMPORTANT!!!!! : The registration fee per participant:

– Participants coming 13.10.2017.g. (includes dinner 13.10. Two nights with breakfast,

lunch and gala dinner 14.10.) – 45e per person

– Participants arriving 14.10. (Includes lunch, gala dinner 14.10. Breakfast) – per

person 35e

-Participants coming 14.09.2017.g. (includes lunch, gala dinner, free nights) –

25e per person

– only gala dinner -17e per person

*** unlimited drinks  ***

Confirmation of participation no later than 03.10.2017.godine, with said service announcement at the secretary of IPA region Niš, Aleksandra Nikolić tel: +381 64 70 65 304, e-mail or ipa.regijanis@gmail.com , or vice president Saša Spasić tel: +381 62 804 35 90.

Payments to the bank account of the IPA region Nis No: 285-2415090000020-52 SBER Bank or on arrival




Organizing Committee